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Re: Unity8 & Mir update Feb 17, 2015


After one of the last Mir updates Nexus 5 can’t open any click apps. What I can provide to fix bug?

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От: Kevin Gunn
Отправлено: ‎среда‎, ‎18‎ ‎февраля‎ ‎2015‎ г. ‎1‎:‎35
Кому: ubuntu-phone

Latest in Unity8 ui

Work around unity8 for desktop config including listening for devices (like keyboard/mouse), remembering window size/placement

Full shell rotation feature branches being maintained & still getting automated testing in place (some illness slowed us down)

Time spent on preparing for design team sprint for future of dash (navigation) and proper prompts/dialogs, meeting happening this week

Burn down of next tier of bugs for our over-the-air update of the phone image

note: one of those bugs was screen shot - was power+volume down, now changing to volume up+volume down

Latest in Mir

Assisted in sw cursor integration to unity8 desktop shell conversion

Continue to work on making our input platform dynamic

MirEvent2 released, ported most of upstreams, qtmir/qtubuntu port in the works

Last bit of MVC window management default landed

Still under review MPs up to hook toolkits to Mir’s event-loop dispatch mechanism

Follow ups