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Re: License comments on some of the Ubuntu phone sources


W dniu 18.03.2015 o 20:11, David Planella pisze:
Hi all,

Some of you might have seen today's blog post from Carsten Munk, from
the Mer project, where he pointed to conflicting comments in the kernel
sources of the Ubuntu phone for bq devices.

We are working with bq to understand the situation and planning to
publish the final E4.5 Ubuntu edition sources next week. We are
confident that these will address any questions raised by the preview
source tree.

Awesome. I also hope that Canonical can solve this issue. Looking forward to that as it's a matter of trust.

For over two years I'm observing what's happening in mobile Linux landscape and I'm really impressed of what Canonical has already achieved and how openly development process is being done in comparison to other competitors (this mailing list is one good of example of that). Also above e-mail is a sign to me that Canonical is not afraid of facing potentially difficult topics and that various concerns are being handled, instead of ignoring them for very long or hiding under the carpet like it sadly sometimes happens in our industry - not far away, just round the corner.

On a sidenote I'm really wondering why Mr Carsten Munk (a Jolla employee) is so concerned about Ubuntu Touch on his blog and not at all concerned about Sailfish OS and open source state of products of his own company on the same blog. It's worth to mention that Jolla has a really bad history of misinforming it's clients regarding open source status of their own OS in their products - tablet [1] and phone [2]. I don't want to go into details on this list, because it's not the appropriate place for that, but if someone is interested in more on this topic and sharing his/her views with me, then feel free to contact me privately.


[1] http://wiki.opensource.org/bin/Projects/crowdfunding-wg
[2] http://dontbreakthesails.blogspot.de/2014/04/sailfish-silica-half-open-sourced.html

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