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Week 24 in Unity API team


What we've done over the last week:

- Support for editing Ratings and Reviews in the Ubuntu Store scope landed
on the vivid overlay.

- We did debugging and fixes on the pay service to support refunds in the
Ubuntu Store scope, and managed to complete refunds against the staging
servers. We started working on better updating of app scope previews after
refunds happen.

- As part of the tasks to enable more interactive scope results, we worked
on the shell-plugin parts of in-card activation, to enable social media
interactions from scopes (eg: Like, +1, etc).

- The landing of the thumbnailer rewrite had to be reverted due to two bugs
that showed up in apps using it when fed with lots of new files at once.
Both bugs have been identified and are being worked on.

- We kept working on the scope js bindings together with the webapps team.
This week we started a library to ease combining v8 with our C++11 scope
bindings, and also worked on an addon-creation helper compatible with
node.js and straight v8.

- For the snappy scope this week we've been working on showing installation
progress when downloading snap packages.