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Hi all,
I've been sending these out on an internal mailing list for a while &
trying to be better with public communications, sorry if it may appear
without some history for some.


   - Spent some time on profiling continuing efforts with some tools we
   obtained from one of our hw partners
   - Scope multimedia playback ready to go, just in the landing queue
   - Continued working on social media features for scopes
   - Continued working on life cycle for visibility, completed reviews now
   under test
   - Completed one launcher feature parity item, quit on tooltip  work
   continues for wiggling on notification & download animation
   - Slim greeter work for integrating with liblightdm (step towards
   - Switcher iteration work towards desktop continues, also implementing
   phase 1
   - Work continuing on new ubuntu shape in scope cards & new icon shapes
   - Battled shell rotation landing, got bit by some dependency and
   ci-train having a wreck....but QA is testing over the weekend


   - Continued on buffer semantic changes (that will help nested bypass),
   have multibuffer stream exposed out to client, now working on the server to
   client direction
   - Also work on dynamic double buffering (to move in and out of triple)
   - Continued work on detecting hung client applications as a helper for
   - Coordinating with upstream on input changes we proposed
   - Still working through qtubuntu updates against mir for things like
   menu support
   - Released an updated glmark2 package
   - Mir-on-X pieces continue to get reviewed and land
   - Still working on getting end-to-end input-to-render test instituted as
   part of the mir project CI
   - Working on security stuff for mir snap

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