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Week 27 in Unity API team


Here's the weekly update for our team.

This past week has been mostly about debugging the features that are
planned for OTA-5:

- Last week’s call for testing of the new thumbnailer helped us debug
and isolate some issues with collections of big images in apps using
the thumbnailer. We already submitted the silo to QA, but we will wait
for fixes in Gallery app before landing it.

- We continued with debugging the click scope and pay-service to
support refunds of purchased applications.

- We worked on a fix for notifications, where the phone would not stop
vibrating after an alarm.

- We worked on debugging an issue where updating or uninstalling a
scope would peg the cpu and drain the battery. We isolated the issue
here, and are working on a fix.

- We started work on smoother refreshes for scopes, to minimize the
delay where the dash is empty when eg: installing a new application.

- Also we finished the dbus integration tests for the snappy scope and
are now spending some time making it work with an orange matchbox.

feel free to contact me for more details.