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Re: Ubuntu Touch Translations



W dniu 09.07.2015 o 20:38, Heroldich Robin pisze:
> Hey all!
> Which translation channels used by the vivid-based new releases (for example r23 for bq e4.5)? Because from the OTA-4 there are errors in the translation. I navigated to the Launchpad and everything seems okay there. I tested OTA-5 (rc-proposed) but the result is the same. I think the translation files were generated from wrong channels, or I don't know, but something isn't okay. I can show examples if it is necessary.

The current image translations (from rc-proposed) are broken because of
human error, we'll be rebuilding them once the export is finished (see
landing e-mail for more details).

Generally the infrastructure for overlay-ppa vivid image translations is
not yet completely in place - during OTA-4 this wasn't completely
working. So we had to manually prepare those for the most common
languages. But for OTA-6 everything will be done properly - we'll be
using the ubuntu-rtm 15.04 series as a workaround.


Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team