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Weeks 28 and 29 in Unity API team


The past two weeks have been about fixes and landings for OTA-5, and
with planning and starting with new features for OTA-6:

- We landed Refunds for purchased applications in OTA-5. Apps bought
in the store scope can now be returned within 15 minutes if the user
changes their mind. After that they need to contact the app developer.

- The Thumbnailer rewrite missed OTA-5 because it uncovered some
limitations in existing apps. Those were fixed, and we have landed it
now on the vivid overlay, in the image that will become OTA-6, and are
currently working on fixing some related issues that showed up in the
Telegram app.

- We added support for WPA Enterprise to the network indicator in
OTA-5, and helped create a reproducible environment for testing the
many variants of WPA Enterprise networking.

- We chased and fixed the weird bug that was causing constant 50% cpu
usage after uninstalling a scope, and landed it in OTA-5.

- On the snappy-scope side we worked on packaging it as a deb to be
used in the Ubuntu Personal image, on autolanding it via the CI train,
and on adding support for translations.


I'll be away next week, but I know y'all will keep up the great work!