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Unity app indicators and convergence


Hi all,

I have the need for a utility that saves the state of all open windows
on the desktop, so that when I attach or detach one or more external
monitors all application windows are restored in size and position the
way they were last time that specific monitor setting was active.

There is a solution for this problem [1], but in order to make this
application accessible to mainstream I would like to write an
application with an app indicator that gives easy control.

Is there something special to think about and to take into
consideration with regards to convergence when implementing this?
Where do I find the up-to-date documentation (is it [2], or is that
source out-of-date?), sample implementations, how-to's, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any hints,

[1] http://askubuntu.com/questions/561197/is-there-a-way-to-prevent-your-windows-from-moving-when-an-external-monitor-is-c/561824?noredirect=1#comment1022616_561824
[2] https://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/appindicators/

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