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Porting and installing on custom device


Dear all,

I'm porting ubuntu touch on a custom device (OMAP4 platform) running
Android 4.1.1 (is a kind of rugged smartphone). I have the entire AOSP,
kernel and bootloader trees so i'm free to make any modification.

Up to now i've been able to build all AOSP .img, but i got stuck on
installing ubuntu.tar.gz+system.img on the device. I understood that the
basic steps are these:
  fastboot flash boot boot.img
  fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  ./rootstock-touch-install vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz

I correctly flashed boot.img and recovery.img, though the rootstock command
is suddenly failing because i'm missing the /recovery partition, maybe
because my recovery doesn't have root permission (su binary) and not all
the shell commands are available. What could i do? my first idea was to
skip the "rootstock-touch-install" command (as it seems to do many
operations on the device) and to make a flashable image on my pc so i can
flash it with fastboot, though to do this could you explain me structure of
ubuntu system.img? what do you think? Is better to fix my recovery adding
su binary and other things?

Moreover, i built the AOSP adding these repos on the AOSP root, i saw them
in the official manifest

Do you think is a correct procedure?

thank you for your time!