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Re: Ubuntu Phone vs. Sailfish OS (for history fanboys), and Windows phone


On Wed, December 16, 2015 11:23 pm, Peter Bittner wrote:
> - Ubuntu Touch needs more horse-power, the UI lags sometimes (true in
> fact, not really visible on the demo video but on the Aquaris E5 when,
> e.g., your device connects to a new network CPU goes up to 95% and you
> must lean back and wait)

Apps (even complex ones) which do not use the Ubuntu Components do not
seem to exhibit lag when opening. Try some of the SDL or non-Ubuntu qml
apps in the store. For already-open apps, the UI lags are hopefully being
squashed with the work being done on bug 1480877, which is marked as "Fix
Released" on OTA 8.5. Perhaps this is why you have noticed a difference?

Ubuntu is capable of performing well. I think the next priority should be
improving the performance of the Ubuntu Components. I predict a brighter,
faster, and more responsive OS in 2016.