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Re: No sound on speakers but OK on headset (BQ E5, OTA 14)


* Matthias Apitz, guru@xxxxxxxxxxx [11/01/17 08:28]:
> El d?a Wednesday, January 11, 2017 a las 08:02:14AM +0100, Walter Garcia-Fontes escribi?:
> > * Wilfridd, widec1@xxxxxxxxx [11/01/17 07:31]:
> > > Silly suggestion : the internal speaker might be dead...?
> > 
> > Not silly at all, it could be. I read reports on internet on the BQ E5
> > having a very loose connection to the speakers that gets disconnected
> > when the device falls and gets hit. I don't remember this happening to
> > my device but who knows. 
> > 
> > If I'm the only one with no sounds in the speakers this is a clear
> > possibility. 
> Is re-flashing or at least reset to factory state an option for you?

Always a possibility, but since I'm using this device as main phone a
lot of customization will have to follow. In any case if no progress
in a couple of weeks I will try it, followed by opening the phone and
looking at the speaker connections. 

Walter Garcia-Fontes