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Re: Music app, doesn't update Music folder


Hi. I use the Music app, but I have problem: The app doesn't update the 
music accordingly to the Music folder content.
Long explaination: After a reflash of the software, I opened the music app, 
obiouvsly saying to import music, because the directory was empty. So i 
added music throught usb from my pc, and reopening the app all was fine. 
Then, proud of my success, I decided to add other music, with usb again, 
from the same pc. I added some song, I deleted some other ones, I renamed 
some. When I opened the music app again, nothing changed. Everything was as 
before. I tried from the UT tweak tool to delete everything (config, cache, 
datas) completely resetting the app, reboots and combinations of both. Now 
a month and more is passed, and all my new music seem doesn't exist.
What can I do?

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