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Re: With OTA-15 it continues the reset


Sorry i don't now well were you can find the right logs.
I have been using only logviewer app . You could try.

or otherwise really try free up memory ... For example:
- closing all running tabs of the web-browser 
- deleting all history and downloaded maps of unav 
- All saved cache of all web-apps
- and i don't know what else can occupy memory for other process.

i tell you this because i notice that this ubuntu touch is heavy for my
E5.. i can't think what it of a E4.5 (don't know your specific hardware
right now).

To give you an idea: it is like an old-fashion android device full off
stupid apps, trash and systemcalls. It won't work as you deserve..

that's all the help i can give you.. 

Il giorno gio, 09/02/2017 alle 21.15 +0100, Konrad Hofer ha scritto:
> On 09/02/17 11:56, Andrea Simonetti wrote:
> > I noticed the same behavior on my E5 ... I think is like a unity
> > reset when the phone is running out of memory. UT tweak tool
> > helped me in cleaning all apps cache. After this the issue
> > appeared less frequently.. I think UT has been always eating to
> > much ram and swap.
> It happened again. Seems like Unity crashes. Where can I find the logs?
> thanks, konrad