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Re: browser download location


On my desktop machine, I use bind mounts instead of symlinks for this sort of thing (where I want most stuff on my SSD, but e.g. films on my HDD). I don't know if that would work in this situation? I think the command would be:

sudo mount --bind /media/phablet/$SD/Downloads /home/phablet/Downloads

or in /etc/fstab, to make it permanent:

/media/phablet/$SD/Downloads  /home/phablet/Downloads  none  bind 0  0

(Caveat: I haven't tried this on my Ubuntu phone, this is just what I do on my desktop)

On 13/02/17 09:09, Olivier Tilloy wrote:
On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 11:03 AM,  <linuxgehtned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You could use a symlink for the folder Downloads (man ln).
That won't work, see https://launchpad.net/bugs/1549433.

Am Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017 10:58:31 CET schrieb Jules <joolz@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,

(Sorry if this is a FAQ, I couldn't find it online)

In my BQ4.5 I have an SD card with lots of space and I want to make the
browser store downloads in /media/phablet/$SD/Downloads (which was created
automatically when I had the phone format the card), NOT in the default
location /home/phablet/Downloads

I find no such setting in the browser or system prefs, does anyone know
how to do this?
There's no way of doing this that I know of, unfortunately.