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Re: Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15


El 18/02/17 a las 16:45, mark escribió:
I've been wondering: with Canonical pushing the Fairphone 2 in Barcelona, will it be upgradeable to be able to run Ubuntu Personal? I believe it needs a 64bit kernel? If so, I'll get one of those.


Is it Canonical really pushing for FP2? I think is a community effort, not an official one. And the UBport is click based, not snap based.

FP2 have a Snapdragon 801 processor [0], that's 32bit [1], and so it's out of the snap race.

That UBport project is at the same dead-end as our current phones.

I hope there's a nice surprise in Mobile World Congress 2017 with Canonical announcing some nice 64bit phones snap-ready, but FP2 "ain't gonna be" one of them.



[0] https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203478389-What-are-the-technical-specifications-of-the-Fairphone-2-
[1] https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/801