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Fwd: Re: Bugs in Ubuntu Touch OTA-15


Thanks for that.

By 'pushing', I meant that Canonical are reported to be featuring the community effort at MWC.

FP2 was marketed as modular - in the sense of being upgradeable - so the thought occurred to me that perhaps they might be able to replace the 32bit processor with a 64bit one? That would be a way to get an Ubuntu (personal) phone onto the market. That in turn would a) show the Fairphone to be upgradeable and b) give the device independence from Google (no love lost since FP1 iirc)


Incidentally, are there any 64bit phones available yet? And if so, could Ubuntu Personal be flashed onto them?

On 18/02/17 14:38, advocatux wrote:

El 18/02/17 a las 16:45, mark escribió:
I've been wondering: with Canonical pushing the Fairphone 2 in Barcelona, will it be upgradeable to be able to run Ubuntu Personal? I believe it needs a 64bit kernel? If so, I'll get one of those.


Is it Canonical really pushing for FP2? I think is a community effort, not an official one. And the UBport is click based, not snap based.

FP2 have a Snapdragon 801 processor [0], that's 32bit [1], and so it's out of the snap race.

That UBport project is at the same dead-end as our current phones.

I hope there's a nice surprise in Mobile World Congress 2017 with Canonical announcing some nice 64bit phones snap-ready, but FP2 "ain't gonna be" one of them.