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Re: Ubuntu at MWC in Barcelona


On Sun, 2017-02-26 at 18:09 +0000, Unix One wrote:
> As for Ubuntu Touch phones, since 100% of existing phone devices are 
> 32-bit, there are no 64-bit phones even being planned (at least 
> publicly), wiping 32-bit future official support outright alienates
> the 
> core power users and developers - i.e. pretty much everyone - in a 
> frustrating way.

Both the BQ M10 tablet and Meizu Pro 5 phone are 64-bit hardware. The
userland is currently only 32-bit there, because arm64 was not
supported on 15.04, which the current phone/tablet images are based on.
That would reduce your figure to 60% (if you're only talking official
retail devices, or 50% if counting both M10 FHD/HD separately).

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