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E4.5 under Android? // Re:Future device support


Can anyone confirm that? Does E4.5 really works under Android so poorly? I used to read on this list quite the opposite: people were delighted with Android but I can't remember if it was for E4.5.

"I need fingers the size of toothpicks to accurately dial!" 

can't You just install some other keyboard? There are plenty of them.

My biggest problem at the moment is the bug that I reported right at the start when I decided to switch to Ubuntu Phone: contacts. I have a few hundred complicated contacts on my device and can't synchronize them correctly. When I bought E4.5 i still had my old Nokia in the other pocket where I had my contacts. Today I face the same problem in the other direction: I can't flash my Aquaris just like that without losing some new contacts that I badly need. Another proof of not thinking about the most important things right at the start. Google has problems synchronizing contacts even with its Nexus devices and someone decided to rely on Google in Ubuntu Touch. "First things first" dear Canonical.


      From: "gareth.france@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <gareth.france@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 To: ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
 Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 1:34 PM
 Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-phone] Future device support
I do think this is honest but a bit too brutal. I agree it would be much 
better if Canonical were feeding back into the community and allowing us 
to see that the wheels are still in motion. However for all its faults 
the E4.5 running Ubuntu is a thing of beauty. Having flashed back to 
android I have to admit I hate my phone. Nothing works in an intuitive 
way, many things are no longer easy.

Phoning someone I get an alphanumeric keyboard. I need fingers the size 
of toothpicks to accurately dial! Things that should swipe don't swipe 
and settings which should be 'just there' are deeply buried.

Bluetooth works and that's great. The mobile hotspot has usage stats 
which is pretty neat and automatically turns itself off when I 
disconnect which is genius. But overall it feels more clunky than ubuntu 
did a few OTAs back. So Canonical you are really, really on to 
something. All we can do at this point is wait and hope that the buzz 
surrounding the project can return given snap based images and some new 

On 2017-02-27 10:12, Marcin Xc wrote:
> Official communication as You wrote is a very weak point in this
> community. Every group should have its leader. Some time ago Lukasz
> Zemczak seemed to be one. I remember how marvellously David Planella
> did his job as a translation leader. If a group like ours has no
> leader, everything becomes to die. I don't get it why Canonical
> doesn't take this seriously. I understand they have their own group of
> developers and they don't need us any more? As I read posts on this
> mailing list I often ask myself a question how anyone over there
> behind the steering wheel can allow that people feel unsafe as in a
> bus where the driver drank a few beers for his breakfast.
> Personally I have a problem. I missed a very important phone call two
> days ago. My phone didn't ring though the volume was 100% loud. I
> understand there can still be problems with bluetooth after two years
> of development but not with a phone and messaging functions. I think
> I'll flash my phone with Android this week. Since two years it is an
> unreliable testing device which at the end will be abandoned for some
> other alpha solution.
> Now I read all this great promisses with snap etc. Canonical, i do not
> trust You any more. Before the new phone will start to work correctly,
> You will leave us alone again, without any official information what's
> going on and then You'll abandon the project for some new solution
> which will never work correctly. You show an attitude as we were
> children in a primary school. I walk with a random mute phone not even
> knowing if it will ever work correctly in a future, because it is Your
> secret.
> Best regards
> Marcin
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> FROM: Mitchell Reese <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> TO: Ubuntu Touch <ubuntu-phone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> SENT: Sunday, February 26, 2017 10:01 PM
> SUBJECT: [Ubuntu-phone] Future device support
> For the record, both the Meizu Pro 5 and the M10 tablet have 64 bit
> processors. Until we have more 'official' communication about which
> devices are supported going forward, a bit too soon to bail on the
> project. Looking forward to seeing what happens once the snap image
> comes to devices. Hopefully we'll hear more information soon.
> Mitchell
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