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Re: Ubuntu at MWC in Barcelona


But there is a world of difference between having a system that is capable 
of running on multiple devices and platforms such IoT, phones, servers, 
desktops and tablets and partnering with a manufacturer and ensuring that 
it runs and performs well on that specific device. That didn't work out so 
well with BQ and Meizu. 

Far better to have the base and let the community port and support it on 
the devices that they want to use it on. Less headaches and risk for 
Canonical. That seems to me to be the direction that we're heading. 

The fact that no new phones or devices have been announced or even an 
intention that there will be, coupled with the fact there is still no 
official word about support for current devices leads me to that 

I could be wrong, but it is undeniable that Canonical's focus has shifted, 
and it isn't just down to snap. 


On Tuesday, 28 February 2017 09:28:37 GMT, Mathijs Veen wrote:

> I don't think Rodney Dawes was saying that at all, and it doesnt really add
> up with what Canonical is doing at the moment: focusing on Unity8 (be it
> mostly on desktop atm)
> One needs, I think, to keep being aware of WHY Canonical wants to move to
> unity8: because -in the end- they want one interface for all devices. Not
> just the desktop. If desktop was all that they wanted, why would they
> invest soo much on a new Unity version based on Qt and have a new display
> server run it? They would need only to invest a fraction of their time to
> improve and tweak Unity7 and they would be scoring much more points with
> the 20 milion+ desktop users they have now. 

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