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Re: Snap Update?


Well, we asked for it: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05/growing-ubuntu-for-cloud-and-iot-rather-than-phone-and-convergence/

Something in me just died.

On 05.04.2017 18:13, NeoTheThird wrote:
I'm totally on board the android sucks train. As of the M10 Tablet, i think there is an *experimental* build now with snaps working additionally to clicks. It's still very basic, i can't stress that enough, but i've seen some command line snaps working.

An official road-map would be totally kick-ass. Pleas talk to us, Canonical.

All the best,


On 05.04.2017 18:04, Wilfridd wrote:
+1.... Definitely



On Wednesday, 5 April 2017 10:24:18 CEST, Mitchell Reese <dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So have been trying Android on my Pro 5 for the past couple days - arggghhh! Such a clunky system after Ubuntu Touch! Will flash back shortly - any update yet on snaps, and the next stage for where touch is going? I'm particularly interested in the M10 tablet - has the landing channel advanced to snaps yet? Would be great to have a timeframe from the devs about what's happening - or even an indication. Please - don't leave us with android as the only option!


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