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Re: Snap Update?


On 05/04/17 16:16, Matthias Apitz wrote:

On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Mitchell Reese

So have been trying Android on my Pro 5 for the past couple days -
arggghhh! Such a clunky system after Ubuntu Touch! ...

And why have you switched to this at all? I'm hoping that my BQ E4.5
wiil last until the next generation of Linux devices.  Since 2008 I'm
only using OS mobiles...


Well, that's a question I can answer.... Click was the first generation of the package format required to meet the unique requirements of a mobile device such as application isolation etc....

Over time, and with the introduction of the Unity 8 desktop mode, it became clear that features were needed that Click could not satisfy.... so "Click v2.0" was produced (called Snap)... which resolved some of the issues with the phone, and also met the requirements to deploy the same package format on the new Unity 8 desktop.

The phone has pressed on with Click, because switching between the two is quite hard... but the desktop has been moving forward with Snap....

This issue is the reason that the phone is still based on the 15.04 core OS... since later OS releases have Snap built in, and would be incompatible with the older Click system.

At some point of course, it will need a clean break with new devices using the Snap format... Older devices may, or may not be able to be re-flashed with a Snap image, since currently only 64 bit systems are supported.

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