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Re: Death is Not an Option


There are two ways to view this kind of a day:

1) the end of something good - the death of a loved one or

2) the start of something new, the beginning of a new thing

It's both.

I've been a side-line participant always handicapped by my lack of time
and my lack of skills.

Unity and convergence was the single most important part of my tech life.

In my opinion, to start something new, we need a 'new canonical'.

Canonical has done great work, and thanks for it, and they've made a
choice to 'go their own way'.  No problem.  We all have free wills
whether you agree with that statement or not.

And so I hereby proclaim that something new must start today.

It's time to rally the troops, and rally the $$.

Who's in?

Who will lead and delegate? (and don't be so liberal to think you don't
need a leader because that's horse feces)

I know one very excellent candidate and he knows who he is and he can
contact me on the side if he agrees.

The time is now.

The people are we.

Let's not watch the tragic end of the best ever thing in free software.



Wayne Taylor

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