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Re: Unity 8 Community Fork


We had a little community Q&A about this yesterday, if you're interested, you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/MVEm4X2ptEk A TL;DR will be published on https://blog.ubports.com/ today or tomorrow, i will share a link on this list.

We will definitely cooperate with unity8.org to prevent further fragmentation and keep the desktop and mobile versions of Unity 8 as close together as possible, we are pushing for convergence after all. :)

If people want to get involved, they can go to https://ubports.com/get-involved or join our telegram group at https://t.me/ubports . Unity 8 won't die, Ubuntu Touch will continue. The world has not ended yet.


On 08.04.2017 06:01, Mitchell Reese wrote:
Heads up there is active discussion about forking Unity 8, and continuing on as a community project. Go to https://unity8.org/ & https://unity.ubports.com/ for more info!