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Re: Thank you


Hello all.

I would like to thank everyone who worked on the project from the begging to the end. Its been one hell of a ride!

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of history of computing, because in my humble opinion this project will be remembered.

Don't forget that ideas are eternal and all that time spent with your ubuntu phones was worth the cons if it only provided you some positive emotions and for me it certainly did.

Stay frosty,
Filip Dorosz.

W dniu 10.04.2017 o 20:21, Pat McGowan pisze:
Dear contributors and enthusiasts

On behalf of the entire team that worked on Ubuntu Touch, Unity8, Mir, the apps, the services, the hw enablement, the QA, the releases, the CI infrastructure... thanks for your commitment, patience and the many kind words for the developers and the products.

Working on this great software was a very rewarding experience made more so by your involvement.
I share the hope that it lives on.

So long for now

PS As far as I know this list will remain open.

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