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Re: for interest - UT, a post-mortem


Thanks, it was. I have to admit I pretty much agree with everything he said. I don't know much about the development side but as a user this especially resonated with me:

"... it was around Christmas 2015. A big part of the momentum seemed to have gone away, it had become clear that we would never have full WhatsApp, Twitter etc. apps, and you could start to see that not much of “real” importance for the many phone users was going forward anymore."

It seemed the same with me. And I have to admit the more I think about it the more Mark's claim that the market wasn't there and they didn't make the impact they expected annoys me. The phone OS was half finished at best on launch and never moved on at all. They launched the phone too soon, with far too many problems that were never solved and too few features, then released more phones and wondered why the world wasn't amazed.

Still, as a user I felt let down but it seems developers had it a lot worse. I hope Canonical learns a lot from this.


On 21/06/17 13:20, royden yates wrote:
Thought this might be of interest to members here.