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Continued support for Ubuntu Touch: Join UBports today!


Dear All,

In response to the mystery update reported here: I just wanted to remind
all users of an Ubuntu Touch phone who do still use the Canonical image,
that there is the UBports project, which will try to continue to support
the phones out there.

We successfully launched 2 OTAs now, and the third one is in the works.
We plan to move to 16.04 base image soon.

But thats not all. We are a growing community, with nearly 1000 people
in Telegram groups, forums, mailing lists etc. We estimate to having a
few thousand installed phones now. Find all the details at
https://ubports.com/ and you can join our Telegram channel here:
https://t.me/ubports - we are looking forward to seeing you there soon!

Note that switching from the Canonical to the UBports image will need a
full wipe of your phone, but we got a helper script to back up your home

To cheer you up a bit, listen to the following track:

Best Regards, Florian from UBports

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