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Re: looking for a click package of KnownDict


El día Wednesday, September 05, 2018 a las 08:18:29PM +0200, Diogo Constantino escribió:

> Hi all,
> We (UBports), have a telegram group, and a matrix group to help people
> learning and developing for Ubuntu Touch.
> On Telegram: https://t.me/UbuntuAppDevEN
> On Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/!mRpvmbbixNHjSGYdNG:matrix.org
> ...


Thanks for the hints.

Would be nice if we could have a mailing-list too (as we have had and
have still for ubphone). Yes, I know (and I'm subscribed to) there is one
for UBports, but it is moderated and dead.

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