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Re: Any upcoming "new" supported devices?


El día Saturday, June 15, 2019 a las 05:59:19PM +0100, Sam Bull escribió:

> Purism's Librem 5 looks promising to me, and I've already preordered the device.
> Though, personally, I'll likely stick with the pre-installed PureOS, rather than
> install Ubuntu.

All my family still run UBphone or UBports devices (5 devices E4.5 and
M10) and we're more than happy with them. I ordered as well the Purism L5 and will see
what we will get (and when).

Btw: All interested folks in UBphone and UBports devices should move to
the now working list (thanks, Florian!):

    UBports-Community mailing list

as this list will be closed soon.



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