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Re: Python packing package updates ?


On Apr 17, 2013, at 10:47 PM, David wrote:

>Good morning, I was just wondering if the python-pip and
>python-virtualenv packages will be updated to  >= 1.3 (pip) and  >=
>1.9 (virtualenv) ** sometime soon :-)  ?
>** those versions download packages from PyPI over SSL, among many
>other improvements.

I think it's probably a good idea to get both updated versions into Ubuntu
13.04 (Raring), but this will require a very quick turnaround on my feature
freeze exception requests.  The 13.04 release is imminent.


which is why I'm CC'ing the release team.  I have 0ubuntu1 packages ready to
go for both once they are approved.

Release team: the critical piece of new functionality here is that packages
are now downloaded from PyPI over verified SSL connections, which should
greatly enhance the security of such installs.

As for Wheezy, that's also in release freeze now, and since I don't have
upload rights to Debian anyway, I'll let Carl speak to that.  It's a team
maintained package though so I can probably at least update its svn repository
with the new version and do some testing, as time permits.


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