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ubuntu-ru-loco-nsk approved by effie-jayx


Hello Novosibirsk Ubuntu Team,

The membership status of Novosibirsk Ubuntu Team (ubuntu-ru-loco-nsk) in
the team Ubuntu Local Community Teams (locoteams) was changed by Efrain
Valles (effie-jayx) from Proposed to Approved.

Efrain Valles said:
 All your requests have been addressed, Please note that ~locoteams is
fot teams only. the reason is simple. the teams in this meta team in
launchpad will be displayed in an application being developed by the
Ubuntu Community. That's why we reject all personal affiliations to this
team. If you are really pationate about you involvement in LoCo teams,
please consider joning https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-loco-enthusiasts