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The main thing that I notice is that their is no set standard by-laws of
manner of governing or reporting on progress of the LoCo teams. I mean,
I would be more involved, but everyone is so detached. It is hard for
myself too as a graduate student at night and full time Technical
Manager. There must be a way to set a gold standard for governance of
these teams. At least someone to report progress to show that the team
is even active.

submitted by duanedesign:
I submitted this idea to the US loco mailing list in regards to this topic:

 I have noticed that some LoCo's have been created and then virtually
abandoned by their creators. People who are excited to do something to
help the Ubuntu community join these LoCo's. They then place a post on
the forum and mailing list stating their enthusiasm. Without any kind of
leadership or infrastructure, this post or Email goes unanswered and the
person quickly loses interest and moves on. We need a framework or
system in place that fills gaps left by inattentive LoCo leadership. The
US Team could propose and help organize projects, say 3 or 4 a year, for
the State LoCo's. Members could pick up these projects on their
respective mailing lists and have something they can participate in even
if nothing is being organized locally. For instance I am working on the
Ubuntu in Libraries project for my LoCo. The materials and letters I am
putting together could be, with minimal effort, replicated and used by
any LoCo in the U.S. A lot of these projects could  be duplicated from
community too community with very little additional effort.

Secondly, I think having nationwide projects would also serve to inspire
State LoCo's. There are LoCos who are more organized and active then
what I just described, however they are in a lull. Just as a
reinvigorated leadership woke up my individual LoCo, I think the US Team
can serve to do the same for the individual State LoCo's.

Craig A. Eddy, March 26, 2009:  In reply to duanedesign's comment - PLEASE post the materials and letters where others could use them.  They could be valuable, at least to the LoCo to which I belong, in stimulating another area that our members could approach.  Thanks

Steven De Baets, July 13, 2009:
It seems that everywhere around the community, there are some problems concerning the leadership or governing of the LoCo's. The problem is that most the LoCo's have no predefined or formal structure at all, and in some places they don't even have a structure of any kind. And that is a big concern.
You can never boost marketing without any structure that carries the LoCo.
As a result many efforts of enthusiasts get lost, they get demotivated and eventually opt out or lose interest and become inactive.
When decisions have to be made, there is no board that takes the responsibilities required to move forward.
Lots of people are running around in circles and nobody takes on any form of responsibility for the group.
Some even transformed the LoCo into a closed group of individuals (or a bunch of friends), where new enthusiasts get ignored completely.
I understand the concept of local communities, but sometimes a group of people can really put a brake on individuals who really want to make a difference and really want to solve bug #1.

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