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Hi all,
I would like to see Ubuntu TV as not just a device for playing live and
recorded content but also as a focal point for social and collaborative
applications.  The environment I envision is one where several people each
have their own input devices like Ubuntu phones, tablets, and PCs, and each
of them can do things with the clients on their device, but they can all
use their devices to control a TV in the room when they want to show the
group something or interact with each other.  There are many games which
would lend themselves to this, but there are also a lot of productive
applications that would really benefit from the TV as a collaborative
shared screen.
Novacut is developing a collaborative video editor, where an entire team
can work together on the same project.  It's designed so that people can
work together across any distance, but we believe that letting people work
together in the same room is very powerful.  In the scenario above, each
person could perform their own editing tasks on PCs and mobile devices,
using the TV as a big screen for showing individual progress and group
I've already begun discussion about how this would work over in the Ubuntu
Phone mailing list: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg00006.html
David Jordan

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 11:18 AM, Will Cooke <will.cooke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> **
> Hi everyone,
> I just thought I'd send out a quick "Hello" email to let you know a little
> bit about what we're thinking about from a TV perspective.
> First of all I would encourage you to have a listen to the TV session at
> UDS earlier this month.  You can find the recording here:
> http://mirrors.tumbleweed.org.za/uds-p/2011-10-31-18-55-community-ubuntu-and-televisions.1.ogg
> We talked about how people currently "use" their television, what their
> viewing habits are, what features would they like to see, what sort of
> technology are we dealing with and some of the pitfalls we will need to
> overcome in order to provide the best possible experience.
> I think this could act as a great catalyst to get our conversation started.
> So, what do you think the television of the future will look like?  Will
> we continue to have a big screen in our living room? How will our
> relationship with "live" broadcasts change?  What role will portable
> devices take in the near, medium and long term?  Do 3D films have a place
> at home?
> I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!
> Cheers, Will
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