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On 21.11.2011 19:18, Will Cooke wrote:
> So, what do you think the television of the future will look like?
>  Will we continue to have a big screen in our living room?

Big screens are not going away. With on-demand movie rentals and on-line
movie stores I would imagine that the movie theaters are a thing of the
past in the future. Home theater audio systems and bigger and cheaper
High Definition displays can offer in-theater experience for more and
more people, every day.

At least in my home the living room is the most important room for my
family to get together and I guess we are not that different from other
families. In my mind the television could in the future be the "home
canvas" where the whole family can share their experience of audiovisual

I would love to see Ubuntu TV to be an enabler of sharing of movies,
(youtube) clips, holiday photos and other ad-hoc media offerings between
family members, friends and quests; right on big screen for everyone to
see and experience together.

> What role will portable devices take in the near, medium and long 
> term?

Portable devices enable you to interact, record and share the world
around you. They are always with you where ever you go. Portable
device is your private terminal to the digital content around you, but
they lack the ability, due to form factor, to fully enjoy the content
with your friends standing beside you.

Being able to harness the TV entertainment system to instantly
represent your content fully would be a big advantage.

Being able to combine the different devices and to offer an experience
that is greater than sum of individual device experiences if the way
of the future.

> Do 3D films have a place at home?

I'm really skeptic about 3D films in general. Only time will tell will
they really break through as a consumer media, but right now it seems
to me that 3D is driven more by the industry than the actual consumer

However, 3D movies more or less only "cleverly" utilize the video
technologies that are used already for 2D and on purely technical
grounds they are nothing special. We can support them if necessary.

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