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My ideas


Hello all

My simple thoughts to success for UbuntuTV

I've been using mythtv for a long time and even though I found it really
nice but complains have been issued by my relatives :-( They found it hard
to use, mainly because they are all used to a normal tv (press channel 1 on
remote and channel 1 pops up without hazzle and waiting). I think this is
very keen to success for future UbuntuTV. It should be simple as 'hel'l
from start and if you need extra features you add it as you go along,
However it should also contain the extra feature that we all want, but from
the basic it should be very easy to use and look nice (It's all about
perceptions) . Another important thing is speed. Switching between channels
should be fast. The other thing that I see as important are that it's
easily customizable

Below are my recipes

I've did some quick hacking tonight and come up with the following
arrangement. (eg It's not about perceptions in this POC just a quick hack)

Frontend client should be made by Qt/QML it should be capable of reading
almost all  media url's rtp/rtps/fileshares etc etc
Backend included for dvb should be made of streaming dvb card out in the
air (rtp).

The poc that I've came up tonight could be followed and cloned at

basic ideas are followed

QT app handles core play of files to screen (currently using vlc lib did
start with gstreamer but the sink was not fast enough and I didn't have the
time to speed it up for th POC)  See a great future for using gstreamer as
main lib for viewing.
QML handles all the GUI stuff for presenting menus etc (Right now it
doesn't do much just show a simple overlay when pressing F1 where you could
choose channels) This would make it easy to modify and expand without
changing the core.
PosgresDB as stores for url to medialinks etc
For my home right now I'm using DVBLast for streaming dvb (It's working as
a charm and is very stable)

My simple thoughts,


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