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Suggestion Highlighting


Basically, when viewing the TV guide or other services where a list of programmes are available, suggestions are lightly highlighted.
This would have to be a balance between being noticeable and distracting.

My idea is that suggestions in the guide are slightly lighter (more white) and slightly more opaque, perhaps with a faint white glow around the border. I also think a 'Suggestions' button should drastically increase this difference making suggestions almost opaque and almost white (with the writing darker to suit), while non-suggestions almost fade away. Faint colour may also be used to highlight, where non highlighted programmes are monochrome.

Suggestions should be based on which programmes were watched and/or recorded. It should also encompass things like actors and directors as well as genre and ratings and generate a suggestion index for each of these things in order to identify an overall suggestion index for each programme available. The weighting for these suggestions should be (in ascending order) programmes that are:

1. Watched for less than one third their length (indicates a genre of
   interest, but the suggestion index for the specific programme is NOT
   increased and may even be decreased)
2. Watched for more than one third their length
3. Watched for their entirety
4. Set to record when they appeared on the initial view of the guide
   (indicates a desire to watch but not necessarily now)
5. Paused while watching live (indicating a desire not to miss a
   section of the programme)
6. Set to record before appearing in the initial view of the guide
   (Pre-planned recording, as opposed to the "Oh that's on" recording
   of number 4)

Recording something should increase the relevant suggestion indices, unless it is not watched within a normal time frame (based on the upper limit of an 80% confidence interval of users average time between recording and watching) after which the suggestion index is lowered by the appropriate amounts. Likewise, watching a recording within the early section prior to the 80% confidence interval would further increase the relevant suggestion indices.

Programmes set to series record should be given a low suggestion index since the user does not need them highlighted.

Any thoughts?