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Testcard feedback


I've finished writing a good portion of the tv testcard app (rewrote
it in quickly), although I still need to add all the licensing details
to get it into the repos and documentation. The bzr branch is located
at https://code.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/ubuntu-tv-testcard.

As it's to assist doing TV setup, it's a pretty simple app. It's
controllable via the keyboard (looks for keypresses), which should be
fine to use a remote with once Ubuntu TV matures.

Controls are:

Escape: Exit Program
Left Arrow: Show SMPTE screen
Right Arrow: Show Contrast screen
Up Arrow: Show aspect ratio/resolution screen
# Key: Switch to that monitor

Easiest way to test it out is to install bzr and quickly, then from a
terminal do

bzr branch lp:~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/ubuntu-tv-testcard
cd ubuntu-tv-testcard
quickly run

Please reply with questions/feedback/comments.

Thomas Mashos