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Stepping Down as Columbus-are ReLoCo lead


Hello everyone,

It is with regret that I am going to be stepping down as the Columbus-
area Really Local Community Leader. I am planning on relocating to
Michigan in the near future so all of my free time, effort, and energy
need to be placed on finding a job up there and finding a place to live.
Unfortunately, this means cutting out on other things in my life that I
enjoy like leading the fine group of men and women in the Columbus

The good news is, I'm leaving the group to Sean Welton (spwelton) whom I
currently work with at OSU. I will be able to help him get a hang of the
few, but important, things that the ReLoCo lead is in charge of. I will
still be attending the bi-weekly Ubuntu Hours and will still be in IRC
(I'll be there even after I move cause I love you guys and gals).

Thank you for the opportunity to be the one to get this group off the
ground. I'm sure Sean will be able to take it to a whole other level
with his enthusiasm and love for all things OpenSource. He will be a
great lead for those in the Columbus-area.

Thank you!

Brian "MaskedDriver" Freytag
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