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Awareness for the LUG/IRC


For those not aware, we are not the only Linux group in Wisconsin. There is
a Wisconsin LUG. All information you need to know is here:

A calendar is here:

It would be highly recommended that as well as being in the Ubuntu
Wisconsin LoCo Team, you join your localized LUG as well. We had the
Monthly Pan-Wisconsin Linux Users Group Hangout and IRC Idle tonight and it
wasn't the best turnout. I know people are busy, but I think next time it
would be nice to have a few more people join us. :)

If you were aware of it, and couldn't go, no pressure. I just want to raise
awareness so people can know it exists. So therefore, don't feel bad if you
couldn't go. That isn't what this is.

Not only that, but we have IRC(Internet Relay Chat) channels on Freenode. I
know I emphasized this in a previous email, but not only does #ubuntu-us-wi
exist for Ubuntu users, but for the statewide LUG, there is #wilug. Don't
be afraid to join! We don't bite! My nick is tsimonq2, so if you can make
it on, give me a ping! :) I don't mind! ;)

If you don't have an IRC client, you can join the two channels below in
your favorite web browser:

​If you have any questions about any of this, the resources have people
that can help, or you can send me an email here: sqawesome99@xxxxxxxxx or
ping me on IRC.​

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley

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