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Re: Ubuntu Hour location


I'm going to move the December Ubuntu Hour out a week due to a
conflict.  So plan for Dec. 8 at 8pm.

It'll be in Kitchener.  I want to get downtown to check out venues
(I'm probably putting too much thought into this...)

Cafe Pyrus seemed like a good idea until I found out they're doing a
"poetry thing" on Wednesdays. Plus, they close at 9.
A Matter of Taste closes at 8 (and is small).
I'm concerned The Working Centre still has the noise issues we ran
into at KWLUG.

Little Bean might work, but I've never been in there.  And being up by
Victoria, it seems a little out of the way.
Coffee Culture and Williams would probably work, too.

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to wander around a check a few places out
this weekend.  Then I'll send out an actual announcement.


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