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Re: Murphy's Law of Scheduling: Ubuntu Hour Waterloo


Sorry, I wasn't just venting, but I was hoping for suggestions -- I
know there are some KW Ubuntu folks who are also KW Nerd Nite folks.  I
know that >I< would like to attend both events, but I don't really want
to see the Ubuntu Hour date changed yet again.

So far, there is only the one tweet from @nerdnitekw that indicates
they've picked 26 September -- is there anyone who knows the Nerds well
enough to find out how firmly they're committed to the 26th?

If not, how do people feel about changing the Ubuntu Hour Waterloo date
yet again?


On Sat, 18 Aug 2012 00:30:55 -0400
Bob Jonkman <bjonkman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Murphy's Law of Scheduling: As soon as you've rescheduled an event to
avoid a conflict, you find an even greater conflict on the
rescheduled date.

Did you know Nerd Nite KW is planning their next night on Wednesday,
26 September?  The "new" date for Ubuntu Hour Waterloo?



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