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Ubuntu Hour Kitchener, Friday, 7 June 2013


In his blog Charles McColm writes:


> Next Ubuntu hour location???
> Ubuntu hour is almost upon us again (June 7th, 2013) and I’m still
> deliberating where to hold the next Ubuntu hour. Here is a summary of
> what we’ve tried in the past along with the pros and cons:
> Misty Mountain – 1st meeting place – pros: can just buy a coffee,
> tea, or soft drink. Close to downtown bus station. Has a private room
> with a big screen t.v. we can hook up to and a door that can be
> closed for noise. Has outlets for notebooks all over and free wifi.
> Cons – the room is a bit small if the group gets bigger than 8 and
> limited food, limited downtown parking, limited accessibility.

> Cafe Pyrus – 2nd meeting place – pros: variety of food, free wifi,
> centrally located for bus takers, can just order coffee. Cons – music
> tends to overpower discussions sometimes, sometimes has live
> entertainment, limited downtown parking.

> Egg Roll King – 3rd meeting place – pros: variety of food, on #8 bus
> line, generally very accommodating. Cons – generally more expensive
> than cafes, not as close to downtown, limited parking, no wifi,
> smaller space.

> Williams Cafe – 4th meeting place – pros: variety of food, can have
> only coffee, free wireless, ample parking. Cons – out of the way for
> Waterloo attendees, no outlets (well 1, but this is ridiculous), not
> really accommodating to groups larger than 4 to 6 people.

> What I’ve been hoping for is a place that meets the following
> critera:

> Is centrally located, preferably downtown Kitchener.

> Has good food and coffee, but isn’t a spot where people have to buy
> more than a coffee or two.

> Must have and be willing to let us use their power outlets.

> Has enough space to accommodate a group of 6-12 (or more would be
> better).

> Isn’t overly noisy.

> Has free wireless Internet access.

> Has enough parking.

> Is open when we meet 7-8pm (or 9pm).

> Can anyone else think of other places that might be more suitable in
> Kitchener? Do we need to go to Waterloo?

If people have suggestions for a location then post them on the list,
and I'll forward them to Charles (if he isn't already lurking here).

Of course, my vote goes to Egg Roll King.  WiFi is available through my
cell phone hotspot, so that shouldn't be a limiting factor.

At the last IRC meeting[1] Verdi R-D (azend), who hosted the Guelph
Raring Ringtail Release Party, is  going to create an Ubuntu Guelph
page, and hold the next IRC IRL at Diyode.  He's still hashing out
details, but it means the next Ubuntu Hour Waterloo may turn into Ubuntu
Hour Guelph.




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