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Re: Preparing for the Video Chat meeting on 23 January 2014


> I'm hoping some Ubuntu Canada chapters will have an Ubuntu Hour in the
> next week, giving people a chance to work the bugs out and practice.
> *Toronto*, Guelph and Kitchener, I'm looking at you!

Hi Bob,

Since we are going to have a Video Chat meeting, instead of the Ubuntu Hour
at a public location why not have those interested in participating have a
test-run from wherever they may be with whatever client they use ( Google+
hangouts, Skype etc) and we can have a fair idea of any issues before the
actual meeting  ?

This way we iron out any hiccups and everything should be good for the
actual meeting ?

I am willing and available on Google+ Hangouts and Skype on any day, anyone
wanting to test his/her system please email me directly and we can have a
dry run. Or we can agree on a date and time then every one can join and
test ?

Or we can meet and have the Ubuntu hour ?

Thank's !