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Re: Hiatus due to real life


Good luck with school Collin, come on back as time allows.

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Subject: [Ubuntuforums-unanswered] Hiatus due to real life

Due to school and other circumstances in real life, I feel that it is
best if I take a hiatus from my various teams and other online
commitments for a while, until I can get real life in order. You will
still find me online some, and you can always email me or send me an
Instant Message when I'm online, but I won't be on IRC or anything such
as that until this is over, and I don't know how long that will take.

The reason why I'm doing this? I have done virtually nothing in the
Ubuntu community and related teams, plus the other online communities
I'm a member of, for a while due to real life, and it's about to get
worse. High school is a bigger time drain than I had originally
predicted it to be, especially with several large tests and events
coming up.

I'll see everyone later, probably sometime during my summer break coming
up in June.

Collin Pruitt

--- Collin Pruitt
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