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Proposal: Restrict ubuntugis privileges, and move email lists


ubuntugis users and developers,

It is great to see increased activity  in the UbuntuGIS space again.
As administrator, I've been seeing a new ubuntugis member every week or so. (Welcome if you have just joined us).

If you want to jump in and help out, or give some advice, then please do. I'm still a newbie, and am learning the ropes as I go.

Our next step, as proposed by Alan Boudreault, is to activate UbuntuGIS's Personal Package Archive (PPA) to store the ubuntu .deb files we create. As recommended by other Ubuntu developers, we should limit the people who have access to trusted project developers.

What I'd propose is that we unregister all current UbuntuGIS developers from UbuntuGIS, invite everyone to join a new ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx email list (which doesn't exist yet), then invite developers back into the UbuntuGIS group as people start doing development/packaging and need privileges.

Please speak up if you have an opinion on this. If a better idea doesn't surface within 3 days, I'll put this into place, ask osgeo to create an email list for us, then invite everyone to join the new email list.

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