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Side by Side install page


Hey guys,
    We haven't been as active for the last like week, so I figured I
would break the silence by adding one of the pages we've been waiting
on.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/Installation/SideBySide is now
populated with screenshots and information.  I also added a link in the
wiki map, and changed the blueprint to reflect the change.  All we need
to add now to have a complete install section is Manual Install.  I can
do this at some point during next week probably.

p.s. Ali, I hope that you recover from your condition, and that you can
find an effective way to manage this stress that seems to have you
down.  It's hard to watch a friend in pain.
James Vorderbruggen
/UbuntuGNOME Wiki and Documentation Team/
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