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[Blueprint accessibility-wiki] Accessibility Wiki


Blueprint changed by Ivan Ivanov:

Whiteboard changed:
  [jamesvorder] In light of recent mailing list conversations, we should
  be adding some information to the wiki area about accessibility options
  for Ubuntu GNOME.  This would be especially useful to people who want to
  install Ubuntu GNOME that have a disability.
  [inivanoff1] I thought about adding this to the Howtos or somewhere in
  the Installation page as a link to a new page, e.g. "How to install
  Ubuntu GNOME with accessibility options?" Our Howtos page is already
  implemented, so we can add the accessibility help in the Installation
  [jamesvorder]  What we could also do is make a page for it at
  UbuntuGNOME/Accessibility and link to it in both the Installation page
  and the HOWTO page.  Because Accessibility is a seperate issue from
  installation and it doesn't really need much of a HOWTO.  It wouldn't
  really be appropriate as a subpage because of this... what do you think?
+ [inivanoff1] Yes, I agree about creating a new page and linking it with
+ the Howtos and Installation. That idea suits me :P

Accessibility Wiki