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UbuntuOne icon constantly spinning


Hi all,

The UbuntuOne icon in my notification area seems to be constantly spinning. When I mouseover the icon it says, "Ubuntu One: Verifying". Afaict that is all it ever says. What is it verifying for all this time? I thought it might be syncing files, but:

1) I'm not making many changes to that directory (though I am using it) 2) The files I have added recently are not very big at all 3) Changes I make on the web and locally seem to take forever to be recognised on the other end 4) I'm getting files and directories with ".conflict" appended to the end where I have made a change on only one side

Lots of questions here, but why is it a conflict if I only make a change at one end? For instance, somehow the "Shared With Me" folder ended up as both a top level folder and a sub-folder of the "My Files" folder. I don't know how it got there, but I deleted it in the Web UI. Now I have a directory in "My Files" called "Shared with Me.conflict" I just wanted to delete it. Another example, I edited a file in My Files and now I have the same filename with a .conflict appended. As I cannot edit the files on the Web UI, how did I end up with a conflict?

If you would rather I report these as bugs please let me know, but I wanted to rule out general confusion first.


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