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Recent PPA Change to Public from Private


Hi All!

As several of you have noticed, and already reported bugs about, the PPA
became inaccessible this morning. Due to recent changes in the way
Private PPAs are handled in Launchpad, and the fact that we're already
in public beta, we went ahead and decided to just make the PPA public.
As public PPAs are on a different host name than private PPAs, and do
not use https, this of course caused a lot of people to get 404s. We
wish this could have went smoother than it did, and we're very sorry for
the interruption in availability of updates. But now we've got things
back up and working again.

In order to get the problem resolved on your system, we recommend
updating the package with the PPA information, by installing a new
version [1], which is now available when clicking the "Add PPA" button
on the web site installation page. This will update the sources list
for using the public PPA instead of the private one.

Please continue enjoying the service, and reporting all the bugs, so
that we can fix them and make Ubuntu One awesome.


-- Rodney

[1] https://media.ubuntuone.com/media/files/ubuntuone-jaunty-ppa.deb

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