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Re: Symbolic links


On 06/19/2009 02:17 PM, [PiNo] wrote:

I'm an user of Dropbox service and I want to migrate to Ubuntu One. To synchronize my different folders I use symbolic links, however Ubunto One's client don't follow it. I don't know if it is a bug or a feature not implemented yet, but I link it is very useful.

Hi! Thanks for asking about symbolic links :)

Right now we're still working out the best way to work with symlinks. We definitely want to have them available, but it gets complicated when you are talking about using them on more than one machine, and many people expect this to work in many different ways.

One way some of our users have gotten around this is by keeping the folders they want symlinked in their ~/Ubuntu One/My Files/

Sorry for my bad english.
Your english was great !

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