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Re: Identifying Computers



Steve Alexander writes:

> [...]
> I can look at this using the "Passwords and Encryption Keys"
> program, which is in this menu:
> Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys
> If I look under the "Passwords" tab and expand the "Passwords:
> login" part of the table, I can see a row that says
>   UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com
> Right-clicking on that, and choosing "propertise", I can see the
> key. It's even possible to see the actual password.  Mine is:
>   oauth_token_secret=pHxxxxxxx...&oauth_token=XhXxxxxx...
> This token is what registers my account on this computer with
> Ubuntu One.

I have a remote machine registered with Ubuntu One.  But if I call
"u1sync --action=sync", I get a traceback with some sort of key
error.  I suspect that seahorse likes to get my permission that
u1sync gets the token.  But this doesn't work through "ssh -X".  Is
there a remedy?


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